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Providing the best fashion accessories that are elegant and unique in their design and construction.   

About Us

In today's highly competitive fashion market, keeping afloat is quite an  achievement, since it requires consistently innovating on various fronts. Even though buttons and cords form a minor part of a fashion apparel, be it casual or formal office wear, wrong selection can often lead to disastrous results and fashion blunders. When the bar is set so high, choosing a brand that offers great designs and unmatched quality blended into a single piece of button, is quite tough. That is the zone where VT Garment Accessory has accumulated great reputation and expertise. Established in 2009, we are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of high quality wearable accessories like buttons and hooks, made primarily of metals and alloys. The range of products that we deal in is quite diverse, and offers a multitude of accessories to choose from such as Metal Buttons, Jeans Buttons, Hooks and Rivets, all made from best grade materials and offer unparalleled aesthetic satisfaction.

Range Of Products

The buttons and other clothing essentials made by us, offer a unique design and ease of use, all in part due to their construction and finish. The complete range of products is as follows:

    • ABS Button
    • Alloy 4 Hole Button
    • Alloy Buttons
    • Bars
    • Buckle
    • Cord Ends
    • Eyelets
    • Hook & Bar
    • Hook & Eye
    • Hooks
    • Imitation Horn Button
    • Jeans Buttons
    • Jeans Rivet
    • Loop Buttons
    • Metal Buttons
    • Snap Fastener
    • Eyelet and Washer
    • Hook and Bar
    • Hook and Eye
    • Underwear Accessory
    • Metal Plates
    • Pearl Prong Snap Button
    • Plastic Button
    • Polyester Button
    • Prong Snap Buttons
    • Resin Buttons
    • Ring & Adjuster
    • Ring Snap Button
    • Rivets
    • Sew On Snap Button
    • Shirt Button
    • Snap Buttons
    • Spring Snap Button
    • Stoppers
    • Alloy Hole Button
    • Metal Badge
    • Tipping & Cord Ends
    • Buckles
    • Bag’s Accessory


    We boast a fairly advanced production facility, outfitted with efficient machinery and components, possessing latest technological endowments. A team of skilled technicians and engineers supervise the whole production process, and employ their years of experience and expertise, to churn best grade accessories available in the market. With a high demand for foreign exports, our manufacturing facility has enough resources and work force, to fulfill hefty demands and orders, with relative ease, without any time delays.

    Quality Assurance

    Operating from Guangdong, we have carved a name for ourselves in our export markets, where our products are known for their quality, design and longevity, thus, the high demand. To maintain such levels of prestige and brand value, we ensure that every single batch of wares, leaving the production line is up to the parameters set by us in terms of craftsmanship and durability. Furthermore, a dedicated tea of quality check personnel is assigned the task of thoroughly inspecting random batches to check the aforementioned criteria, and whether they possess the necessary characters.